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Dr. Mike Hadbavny

Owner & Sport Chiropractor, FRCCSS(C)

Pacific Football Club Offical Chiropractor

Dr. Hadbavny holds a chiropractic fellowship in sports sciences. This means he has an additional five years of post-graduate training, extensive experience with complicated injuries and sports injuries.


He has worked with various local, provincial and national level athletes including Tennis Canada, Pacific FC, Victoria Highlanders FC, Victoria Ironman, Canada Games, BC Summer and Winter Games.


Dr. Mike Hadbavny graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and received a bachelors degree in physical education from Brock University. Dr. Hadbavny is a certified Emergency First Responder from the Canadian Red Cross, and has numerous certificates in player safety from Hockey Canada, and World Rugby.

He has attended multiple continuing education courses including training in Active Release Therapy (ART), diversified adjustment techniques, clinical rehabilitation, and athletic and clinical taping.

Dr. Hadbavny has worked with many athletes and teams with a focus in contact sports such as hockey, football, and rugby. He has a keen eye for athletic and movement assessment, side line evaluations and athletic taping. His passion is for sport and allowing others to achieve optimal function.

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