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Dr. Hadbavny is incredibly dedicated to his craft and is one of the brightest chiropractors and manual therapists I've dealt with. He is constantly perfecting his technique and knowledge through training sessions with a rugby club and by attending continuing education seminars. You're in good hands with Dr. Mike!

Dr. Ashley Murray has been a Godsend. I have a hypermobility condition (Ehlers Danlos) and she is the first Provider to ever understand and treat my dislocations. Highly recommend!

Dr. Hadbavny is an excellent professional to seek out. I’m confident to say his knowledge far surpasses many of the physical therapists I have seen...10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to take care of any sort of physical discomfort, whether it’s acute, chronic, spontaneous, nerve or emotionally related, Mike is a stand-up professional

Very professional and knowledgeable team! Would highly recommend anyone in this office! Dr. Ashley Murray does an excellent job and helps you to improve any issues you may be having! She is very experienced and provides the best possible care to each individual she treats.

One of the best I’ve worked with, Dr. Mike Hadbavny helped me through a tough period with a knee injury & improved my knowledge on the injury...Can’t speak highly enough of what he done for me, 100% recommend to anyone

Dr. Ashley Murray is a very knowledgeable, competent, and patient medical professional; highly recommend! She is very passionate about her work, and that attention to detail really comes through in her treatment.

I have been to many chiropractors over the last thirty years, and rate Dr Hadbavny in the top tier of practitioners. His treatments are thorough, from foot to top of head, with an emphasis on any particular issues that may be flaring up. I highly recommend him.

I'm an Ironman athlete standing at 6'11" and above 230lbs, which means I have very unique needs and challenges for a chiropractor. There's never a shortage of skillful advice and support on everything I'm working towards with my swimming, cycling, and running...I can't recommend Mike enough...

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