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Alexandre Rouhani

Osteopathic Practitioner and Massage Manual Therapist

Alexandre has 20 years of experience in manual therapy, including massage therapy and osteopathy. He also has an 18 year teaching history of various massage therapy techniques.

Alex studied osteopathy with E.P.O.Q (Professional School of Osteopathy Quebec) as well as a variety of other teachings during his travels in Asia. Here, he was fortunate to learn a large variety of hands-on modalities (Nuad Boran, Tuina, Amma etc.). Alex's treatments are very much influenced by these approaches and the way they see the body. 


Alex's techniques include Thai massage, Lomi Lomi, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Amma, Tuina, Reflexology, and Lymph drainage.

Each session incorporates assessment in motion using rocking movements and a whole body routine massage with acupressure points and specific osteopathic techniques. This thoroughness ensures that nothing is missed in the tissue diagnosis. 

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